Thursday, November 20, 2008

lunsford opad on saxby

On December 2nd Georgians will have the opportunity to play a crucial in the future of our country.  Our Senator, Saxby Chambliss, is in a tough run-off against Jim Martin who is well funded by the national, liberal Democrats.  Saxby has been a leader for Georgia on the issues that matter most to us: national security, lower taxes, agriculture, fuel prices and energy independence.  Jim Martin is already promising in his television commercials to vote in lockstep with Barack Obama’s radical, liberal agenda. 


I know Jim Martin – I served with him in the Georgia Legislature – and I can tell you this first hand: Jim Martin isn’t one of us – he is one of the most liberal Democrats to ever have served in the Georgia House of Representatives.  He not only voted for the largest tax increase in Georgia history, and he voted to increase his own government funded expense account by 27 percent. He actually proposed legislation that would raise property taxes by 150 percent!  Had enough?  There’s more!  He voted against Georgia’s ban on partial birth abortions, against making English the official language of Georgia, and against allowing prayer in public schools 3 times!  Jim Martin doesn’t share our values, and we cannot afford the higher taxes he has a record of supporting.


But this Senate race is bigger then just Georgia, this is about putting country first.  Saxby Chambliss will be the firewall, the last man standing, between Obama’s liberal agenda and our conservative values.  Saxby’s will be the vote that stops the Martin/Obama plan to declare defeat in a war that we are winning, raise our taxes, re-instate the moratorium on offshore drilling, choose our doctors, nationalize our healthcare, and appoint liberal judges to our courts.


I am calling on every voter, even if you didn’t vote on November 4, to get involved and vote.  Early voting is now underway, and you can bet the Democrats will be in overdrive trying to get their voters out.  We have to do better.  We have to vote, and we have to get our friends to vote.  Vote early, vote by absentee ballot or vote on Dec. 2 – but whatever you do, VOTE!


The future of our state and our country is at stake.  We cannot afford to lose Saxby Chambliss in the United States Senate. 


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