Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nathan Deal please read

 Please read the following letter from Senator Tommie Williams, Senator Williams I know to be not just a great man, but a great family man, and an astute businessman as well, he is also a trusted friend.

John Lunsford

State Representative 110th district



From The Honorable Tommie Williams, President Pro Tempore,


Georgia Senate District 19


You say that Nathan Deal has a lot of baggage attached, but I want to tell you some of the real baggage that he carries:

1.  Nathan graduated with honors from Washington County High School .

2.  Nathan graduated with honors from Mercer University in 1964.

3.  Nathan graduated with honors from Mercer Law in 1966.

4.  When Nathan graduated from Mercer in 1964, he was named the male recipient of the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award which designates the top  senior.

5.  While at Mercer Nathan was president of the student body.

6.  While at Mercer Nathan was the commanding officer in  the ROTC.

7.  Nathan served his country with distinction in the US Army JAG Corps.

8.  After serving in the Army, Nathan moved to Gainesville (where his wife, Sandra, is from) and began to practice law, serving as Assistant District Attorney for several years before going into private practice.

9.  Nathan served as Juvenile Court Judge for a number of years in Hall  County.

10.  During these years Nathan was a member of various civic clubs, serving as president of the Jaycees and Rotary, among others.

11.  Nathan grew up a member of the First Baptist Church of Sandersville, and he has been a faithful member and leader of the First  Baptist Church in Gainesville for over 40 years.

12.  In the early 1980s Nathan ran for the Georgia Senate from his district and won.  He served his district for twelve years, rising to become President Pro tem of the  Senate.

13.  In 1992 Nathan ran for the United States House of Representatives  for the Ninth District of Georgia and won.  He was reelected by his constituents each two years thereafter and resigned early this year to  focus on the campaign for governor.

While in Congress, Nathan wrote,  among other things, the law that prohibited Social Security benefits for illegal aliens.  This piece of legislation alone has saved this country  over 20 billion dollars.


You may ask why I have gone into such detail. It is because I know this  man and have watched him closely since we were first graders together in Sandersville Elementary School.  We went all the way through    elementary  school and high school together, participating in many of the same activities.  Then, we went to Mercer together. We pledged the same  fraternity because  we had made a pact that we would join the same one (he became president of that, too).  He was in our wedding, but my wife  was the star of that event.


I can say with all truthfulness and soberness that during these years of  being close to Nathan, I have never heard him use a swear word of any  kind, drink alcohol of any kind, use tobacco of any kind or do or say  anything that was or could be construed to be immoral, illegal,  unethical or dishonest. One may say that I am blinded by being so close to him.  I say, on the  contrary, I am grateful that the State of Georgia is being offered one  of the best and most experienced of her citizens for its highest elected  office. 


I know of no one, either personally or by reputation, who is  better qualified and trustworthy and can serve this State with more devotion, care, and carefulness than Nathan Deal.




Monday, September 27, 2010

Please join

Clay Davis

Representative Steve Davis

Gerry Harkins

Bill Herndon

Representative John Lunsford

Eddie Walker

Representative John Yates

at a



Nathan Deal

Republican Nominee for Governor

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Eagles Landing Country Club

100 Eagles Landing Way

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Hosts - $6,100

Sponsors - $2,500

Patrons - $1000

Guests - $250 per person/$500 per couple

Contributions to Deal for Governor can be mailed to

Deal for Governor ~ P.O. Box 2495 ~ Gainesville, GA 30503

or give online at

To attend or to participate as a Host, Sponsor, or Patron please contact Hayley Howell at

404.841.8576 or

State law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual

whose contributions aggregate in excess of $100 in a calendar year. Contributions to Deal for Governor, Inc. are not deductible for

tax purposes. Please make checks payable to Deal for Governor. State law allows individuals, corporations, and Political Action

Committees to contribute a maximum of $6,100 for the primary election, $3,600 for the runoff election, and

$6,100 for the general election.

Paid for by Deal for Governor, Inc.

Friday, July 23, 2010

eric johnson for gov

Dear Friends,
Over the last couple of weeks many people have asked me who I am supporting for Governor in the Tuesday July 20th Republican primary.  With a large number of candidates in the Governor’s race, many people are still undecided and are trying to learn about the candidates.
If you are casting your ballot on Tuesday, I would urge you to consider Eric Johnson for Governor.
I had the pleasure to serve with Eric Johnson for ten years in the legislature; I got to know him personally.
As Senate President Pro Tempore, he helped pass groundbreaking legislation and lead on issues like:
Cutting Taxes
Tort Reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits
Protecting our hunting and fishing rights with a Constitutional amendment
Upholding private property rights
Defending our family values and the sanctity of marriage
As Senate Minority Leader he led Republicans to the majority for the first time in over 130 years.  Eric Johnson went up against Roy Barnes when

King Roy redrew Georgia’s voting districts and gerrymandered our State by tearing our communities apart.
Eric Johnson is the only republican to run a clean campaign race and focus on the issues and not other candidates.
I hope you will support and vote for Eric Johnson for Governor - I know I am.
john Lunsford
State Representative
District 110


Monday, May 3, 2010

lunsford weekly release

State Rep. John Lunsford's Weekly Capitol Update


April 30, 2010



It is official; the 2010 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly adjourned Sine Die and came to an end midnight on Thursday, April 29th. After spending months devoting our time and commitment in Atlanta under the Gold Dome.  After being in session for forty legislative days spread out over four months, continual committee meetings, agreements and disagreements, the members which represent people from all over our state came together and finished the work of the people.  The two days of session this week the members worked into the late hours passing legislation.  Key pieces of legislation were passed this week, including:  the passage of the final Fiscal Year 2011 budget, possible trauma care funding, a ban on texting while driving, clarification on carrying firearms, and the Healthy Georgians Act of 2010.


The General Assembly passed a trimmed down $17.9 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2011.  The conference committee reached a negotiation on the budget after working strenuously on it for over a week.  With less money, and a state budget that has been greatly reduced, it was quite an accomplishment.


The legislature passed legislation this week as a safety precaution for our drivers across the state.  The bill, which is a combination of two separate bills (HB 23 & SB 360), will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to use a cell phone while behind the wheel.  In addition to this, it would prohibit texting while driving for everyone while behind the wheel.  Evidence has shown that texting while driving is distracting and people are more likely to get into an accident.  It caught texting while driving and not involved in an accident, the fine would be $150; however, if someone gets into an accident and it is discovered they were texting, the fine will be doubled and there will be a one point violation on your driving record.  Georgia joins around 20 other states that have also banned texting while driving. 


Funding trauma care in the state of Georgia has been an issue that arises yearly.  Senate Resolution 277 passed this week and it will be a statewide referendum which will go on the ballot in November and the decision will be left up to the voters.  It would place a $10 surcharge on certain motor vehicle registrations in the state.  If passed by voters, it will have the potential to bring in around $80 million a year to existing trauma care centers in the state.  Statewide trauma care funding is essential because we want to ensure that citizens have the emergency care available that is needed. 


The Healthy Georgians Act of 2010, Senate Bill 411, also passed the General Assembly this week.  This Act would allow insurers to offer wellness and health improvement programs with awards and/or incentives to be available to those with health insurance plans.  Before, it would have been considered an unfair trade practice to offer incentives for wellness and health improvement and this legislation would change that.  Also, attached to this legislation was an Amendment to the bill which would prohibit mandatory participation in any healthcare system.  Due to the federal Health Care Reform that passed, the members of the General Assembly want to give Georgians the option to opt out and not be mandated to purchase health insurance if they chose not to do so. 


In an effort to give greater rights to our property owners and to expand those rights, the legislature passed Property Tax Reform, Senate Bill 346.  This bill will protect taxpaying property owners by guaranteeing their right to appeal assessments and protecting them from unfair tax assessments.  Expanding gun rights is of importance to the people in our state.  SB 308 passed the legislature and would clarify where licensed gun owners can carry their firearms.  This bill will permit guns to be in the vehicles in parking lots of colleges, court houses, and jails.  It would also eliminate the 1,000 foot limitation on guns and schools at colleges.  The legislative session has ended; however, please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions, ideas, or concerns.  I will be concluding the weekly update next week with a session wrap up highlighting key legislation passed this session. Should you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me (404) 656-0213 or write me at: State Rep. John Lunsford, 508 clob, State Capitol, Atlanta, GA  30334 or e-mail me at



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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rep. John Lunsford Steps Aside

Will Not Seek Senate Seat nor Re-Election to House


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         Contact: Matt Metcalf

May 1, 2010                                                                                        Phone: 678-480-6281



Atlanta, GA – State Representative John Lunsford (R-Henry) has decided to step aside rather than run for State Senate District 17 or seek re-election in House District 110.

            “I have loved my 10 years in the General Assembly, and I am proud of our many accomplishments,” Lunsford stated.  “However, at the end of a long and difficult session, I have decided that it is time for me to refocus on my business and spend more time helping my wife raise our four young children.”

            Five candidates have qualified to run in both the 17th Senate District and the 110th House District.  Primaries will be held July 20th.

            “I would like to thank people of Georgia for giving me the chance to serve them; as I have said, it has been the highest honor of my professional career,” Lunsford concluded.  “While I am not ruling out any political run in the future, for now, the right thing for me and my family is to step aside and allow someone else to carry the torch.”





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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lunsford Qualifies for 17th Senate Seat

Rep. John Lunsford to Seek Senate Seat

Qualifies to Run for District 17 Seat


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                            

April 28, 2010                                                                                                                                                  


Atlanta, GA – State Representative John Lunsford (R-Henry) filed his official papers today at the State Capitol to seek election in Senate District 17.  Senate District 17 includes all or parts of Henry, Newton, Rockdale, Spalding, and Walton counties.  The incumbent, Senator John Douglas, is running for the Public Service Commission.


“I first ran for the Legislature promising to represent the common sense conservative values of this area,” Lunsford stated.  “I’m proud that, over the past ten years, I’ve voted for tax cuts, worked to reduce the regulatory burdens on our businesses, and consistently supported fiscally conservative budgets.  I’ve delivered on those promises, and after ten years of service, I have a unique opportunity to work for more of my neighbors by offering to serve in the State Senate.”


During his time in the House, Rep. Lunsford has served on many committees, including Rules, Appropriations, and Health and Human Services.  Currently, he is Chairman of the House Special Committee on Small Business Development and Job Creation, where he worked on innovative tax plans and deregulation to help economic development in Georgia.  He has also been an effective voice in various Republican campaigns around the state, working to deliver a Republican House majority in 2004 and maintaining it with financial contributions and conservative policies he helped develop.


“I believe my community involvement, my proven track record of delivering on the conservative principles I campaigned on, and my history of leadership in the House make me the best choice for continued effective conservative representation in District 17.  I am particularly proud to announce that, in the very first day of my campaign, I’ve secured the endorsements of Rep. Jeff May, Rep. Doug Holt, and Rep. John Yates, all of whom represent other parts of this district. ” Lunsford continued.  “It has been the greatest honor of my professional life that Georgians have trusted me to represent them in the General Assembly, and humbly ask for their support once again.”

The date of this year’s primary in Georgia is July 20th.  The general election will be held on November 2nd.



Contact :Matt Metcalf

Danbridge Consulting



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Monday, April 26, 2010

lunsford weekly update

Under the Gold Dome

State Representative John Lunsford's

Weekly Capitol Update

April 24, 2010

The 2010 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly is nearing an end after months of hard work and dedication.  Major milestones were completed this week and now with day 38th completed, the marathon is almost finished and the finish line is in sight.  With two days left, this week legislators met some of our goals for the session. The General Assembly has now balanced the budget for the state, passed a Transportation funding bill, and passed ethics reform. 


  The Georgia 2020 Transportation Act passed the House and the Senate on Wednesday and will now go to Governor Perdue for his signature.  After years of working on a solution and thorough discussions, the members of the House and Senate worked together in finding a solution for transportation funding.  Georgians will now have the opportunity to approve a Regional Transportation Sales Tax. It has been one of our goals as legislators to work on the transportation needs for the state and to come up with a bipartisan solution.  This session we were able to work out a compromise that fulfills the transportation needs throughout the state.  To work out the differences in transportation funding between the House and the Senate, the conference committee has been working diligently on House Bill 277 for the last several weeks.  The negotiations came to an end on Wednesday when it passed the House by a vote of 141-29.  The voters of our state will make the final decisions on whether they want to fund transportation projects in their areas. 


Transportation is an issue that affects everyone statewide, from the rural areas to the metro, and improving our transportation needs throughout the state has been a priority to lawmakers for years.  This transportation solution will allow voters, by ballot in 2012, to vote on levying a one-cent sales tax to raise funds for highway and transit projects in their areas. The tax districts for transportation will be divided into twelve regions along the current Regional Commissions for Georgia.  Within each of the districts, a Regional Transportation Roundtable will be assembled and this will allow local government officials to have input on transportation needs within their areas.  A project and investment list will be approved through the Roundtable, and those in the district will then vote on the project list.  If voters approve the referendum, a sales tax will be implemented to pay for those projects.  In addition to regional transportation projects, this bill will allow for a portion of the revenues to be spent on transit capital expenses, maintenance, and operations.  The goal of this is to relieve traffic congestion within the state.  This plan has been developed over the years and includes a solution for transportation concerns statewide. 


Ethics reform was also one of our priorities this year.  As lawmakers of the state, we want to continue to ensure the voters that will always uphold our ethical and moral obligations.  This session we substantially revised some of our ethics and campaign disclosure laws.  With the passage of Senate Bill 17, several changes were made, including:  making it a felony for any state official or employee to ask for money in return for an agreement or vote; requiring lobbyists to file disclosure reports twice a month during session which must include a description of all expenditures; decreasing the minimum to $5,000 for which a disclosure by public officials must be filed; increasing the penalties for late filing of disclosure reports; and allowing the commission to issue and publish written advisory opinions on how the ethics law applies to political candidates and elected officials. 


All of these changes will create more transparency within our state government.  I will continue to keep all of you informed on our progress during the 2010 legislative session.  We are quickly approaching the end of session; Should you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me (404) 656-0213 or write me at: State Rep. John Lunsford, 508 clob, State Capitol, Atlanta, GA  30334 or e-mail me at



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