Friday, July 23, 2010

eric johnson for gov

Dear Friends,
Over the last couple of weeks many people have asked me who I am supporting for Governor in the Tuesday July 20th Republican primary.  With a large number of candidates in the Governor’s race, many people are still undecided and are trying to learn about the candidates.
If you are casting your ballot on Tuesday, I would urge you to consider Eric Johnson for Governor.
I had the pleasure to serve with Eric Johnson for ten years in the legislature; I got to know him personally.
As Senate President Pro Tempore, he helped pass groundbreaking legislation and lead on issues like:
Cutting Taxes
Tort Reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits
Protecting our hunting and fishing rights with a Constitutional amendment
Upholding private property rights
Defending our family values and the sanctity of marriage
As Senate Minority Leader he led Republicans to the majority for the first time in over 130 years.  Eric Johnson went up against Roy Barnes when

King Roy redrew Georgia’s voting districts and gerrymandered our State by tearing our communities apart.
Eric Johnson is the only republican to run a clean campaign race and focus on the issues and not other candidates.
I hope you will support and vote for Eric Johnson for Governor - I know I am.
john Lunsford
State Representative
District 110


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