Wednesday, December 16, 2009

lunsford view on the caucus

Dear Colleague:


Since being elected to the House in 2000, I have had two goals.  The first was to establish and maintain a majority to better represent my constituents and the other people of Georgia.  The second was to create unity within our caucus to be able to ratify legislatively the Conservative values that motivated me to run in the first place.  To a large extent, we have accomplished this goal as a caucus by providing tax cuts, passing tort reform, reducing the size of state government, enhancing public safety and crafting many other important measures that have improved the lives of all Georgians.

Now, however, our Caucus faces an unprecedented challenge.  When confronted by this situation, I determined that the best way for us to move forward as a caucus was to reaffirm our leadership whoever that might be, while at the same time maintaining the solidarity necessary to continue to accomplish our goals. 


After much thought, prayer and discussion with my colleagues, I decided that offering a petition in last week’s meeting was not only the best course of action, but also the only way to ensure that we enter the 2010 session strong, unified and energized.  Many advised me against  taking this course, arguing that it would hurt my chances at becoming Majority Whip.  I told them, as I explain to you now, that my desire to serve as Whip pales in comparison to maintaining our majority. 


For this reason, I willingly assumed the risk of a lost race and of whatever punishment leadership would mete out against me for my actions.  To leave no doubt about my dedication to and belief in this higher purpose, I resigned all of my leadership positions.  I wanted us to walk out of that meeting united behind our leadership and to begin preparing for the difficult session that awaits us in January. 


This was not, as the media falsely reported,  an effort at grandstanding.  Quite the contrary, it was instead an attempt to put this unpleasantness behind us, to close ranks behind our leadership, and to face head-on the issues that are important to Georgia. Contrary to media expectations, it was not then nor is it now my intention to turn in the petition on the morning of the elections for Speaker and Speaker Pro Tem.  The elections that we hold tomorrow take precedence over everything, and further distraction is counterproductive.  The petition will be available thru myself or Rep Mike Jacobs, until the close of the caucus meeting so that all members, especially those who were absent from the previous meeting, will have an opportunity to sign if they wish.

As predicted by my friends, the petition has taken on a life of its own.  I have been bombarded by media calls about it, and I apologize to those of you who have taken calls from your local media asking if you have signed.  I did not feel a need or have a desire to share my plans with the media, as this was for the members of this Caucus and not for press.


Although I remain steadfastly committed to both the petition and the principle for which it stands, I have kept private the names of the signers to protect them unnecessary exposure to retribution in the event that leadership voluntarily placed their names up for reaffirmation.


As I have said from the start, I want to serve as your Whip because I believe the office should be about our agenda (including a pledge not to vote for a tax increase of any kind), our message, our communication strategy, and our elections.  All of these are vital to the survival of our majority and to the betterment of Georgia.  


I promise to each of you that I will continue to help develop the agenda necessary for us to win, both during session and at the polls next November.  I will keep working vigorously to make certain that we succeed in passing our agenda and that the people of Georgia know what we have done on their behalf.  Both before and after session, I will, as I have for nine-plus years as a member of this Caucus, lead the charge to raise money and to implement election strategies to make sure that we continue in the majority.  I ask for your support and vow that I will do all that I can to help both our Caucus and our state.




Rep John Lunsford

District 110

Po Box 1598

McDonough, Georgia 30253



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lunsford Announces Candidacy for Majority Whip

Experienced Conservative Leader Joins Leadership Race


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            December 12, 2009

Contact: John Lunsford                                                                                                                 Phone: 404-656-7573


McDonough, GA – Rep. John Lunsford, a  5 term  year legislative veteran, has announced his intention to seek the office of Majority Whip.

“It is with great humility that I enter the race for Majority Whip,” Lunsford said.  “While there are many talented people in our caucus who could do this job, I feel that my business background and legislative experience make me uniquely qualified.”

Lunsford serves the constituents of 110th District. With 25 years in business management and marketing, Lunsford uses his professional skills and knowledge to provide expertise to several House committees: Appropriations, Health & Human Services, Rules and Science & Technology. Lunsford also serves as the Senior Hawk and as Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee.

Representative Lunsford has been an active participant in helping his fellow party members get reelected. He has been involved in development of agenda strategies and financial support for over 9 years, contributing to numerous campaigns during past electoral seasons.

“I have worked to help build our majority, and I know what it takes to maintain it,” Lunsford continued.  “We must commit ourselves to core conservative principles – lower taxes, a smaller, more efficient government, and removal of the regulatory burdens that hinder business and job growth, and personal responsibility.  This is my vision to improve Georgia.”

In addition to the legislative responsibilities Lunsford serves on the board of Directors of the Henry County Farm Bureau, Quality Growth Council, Connecting Henry Program , and the Clayton County Law Enforcement training Academy  as well as others.  Lunsford was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and has lived in Georgia for over 30 years.  John and his wife Tina have been blessed with 7 wonderful children: Brittany, Allison, Benjamin, Joseph, Sophia, Christopher and Leah. They reside in McDonough, Georgia and the family attends Philadelphia Baptist  Church.

“This is a vital time for House Republicans, with elections and redistricting on the horizon,” Lunsford concluded.  “I offer my services to my colleagues at this time because I want to help lead Georgia toward a conservative government, which I feel will enrich our state for generations to come.”