Thursday, November 20, 2008

lunsford endorses chambliss



·         CONTRAST

o   Jim Martin is too liberal for Georgia & his record proves it.

o   Saxby is for lower taxes; Jim Martin will raise taxes.

o   Saxby is the Senate sponsor of the Fair Tax; Jim Martin voted for the largest tax increase in GA history and to raise his own government expense account.

o   Saxby is pro-life, while Jim Martin voted against a partial birth abortion ban in Georgia.

o   Saxby believes Georgians should choose their doctor themselves; Jim Martin supports national healthcare where the government chooses your doctor for you.

o   Saxby supports judges who strictly interpret the law; Jim Martin supports liberal activist judges who legislate from the bench.

o   Saxby supports increasing America’s energy independence by drilling offshore and in our other national reserves; Jim Martin does not support domestic drilling and will be an ally of Barack Obama to reinstate the ban on offshore drilling


o   In his first commercial, Jim Martin promises to work to enact Barack Obama’s liberal agenda.

o   The Democrats are still hoping for a filibuster-proof Senate, and Saxby could be the last man standing between Barack Obama and 60 Democrat Senators.

o   Jim Martin will be a blank check for Barack Obama’s plan to raise taxes.

o   Jim Martin will be a blank check for Barack Obama’s plan to withdraw from Iraq before our Generals say its time, thus endangering our progress and the lives of our military personnel.

o   Jim Martin would be a vote for Barack Obama’s plan to nationalize healthcare.


o   This is a historic runoff, and everyone must vote to protect our conservative values.

o   Saxby must be re-elected to stop the liberal agenda that Jim Martin & Barack Obama have promised: higher taxes, government-run healthcare, and liberal judges.

o   Turnout is key, and we know the Democrats will be using the Obama machine of thousands of staff and volunteers and millions of dollars from liberal, Washington Democrats to turnout votes.

o   We have to make sure that we raise enough money to fight them and get Republicans back to the polls.  Call everyone you know and make sure they vote.

o   Absentee ballot applications available now.

o   Early voting begins November 17.

o   Advanced voting: November 24, 25 & 26

Vote December 2.

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